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French Roulette

French roulette overview, history and some tips. Give yourself more chances to win with the French roulette online.

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The historical French roulette

Most of the casino games have their origin in the continent of Europe. Just like others, even roulette has taken birth in the heart of Europe. France is the country where the roulette wheel was first ever invented. French roulette is the original roulette. Roulette is the French word for wheel.

The French roulette was designed the way we see it today somewhere back in the 18th century. Though, the foundation of this game was laid by other similar games in the 17th century, the concepts of which came together to make the French roulette wheel.

With the emergence of the French roulette it quickly spread over the continents of Europe and USA and then the other roulette wheel which we know as the American roulette wheel was also invented. The only difference between the French Roulette and the American roulette is that there is an additional pocket in the American Roulette wheel with a double zero.

Some other major differences lie in the roulette table. The French roulette table looks completely red in color as it has all the numbers in red color only. Also, the language used in the layout of the French roulette is French, so one playing on a French roulette table has should be well versed with the words on the table before laying a bet.

The game is based on a wheel that has slots with numbers written on it and there is a ball that is spinned along with this wheel in the opposite direction. As this wheel starts slowing down and then slowly the ball settles in one of the slots the winners are declared.

The French roulette wheel

Playing roulette at a casino whether at a land casino or at an online casino, there is no way you can ensure a winning side for yourself. But, yes if you choose the French roulette wheel to play you can definitely give yourself a fair chance to win.

The French roulette wheel is also known as the traditional roulette wheel. It is accepted all over the world as the standard wheel. The French roulette wheel has numbers ranging from zero to thirty six. As oppose to the American roulette wheel that has a double zero. These numbers are placed in red and black colored slots, except for the zero which is placed in a green colored pocket.

These numbers are haphazardly placed on the wheel with no strategic sequence like the American wheel. All the numbers in the French roulette wheel are arranged in alternate red and black color pockets, which is similar to the American roulette wheel. However the probability of winning is more when playing on a French roulette wheel.

Every one wants to be a winner and why not! But in games of pure chance like the French roulette you can do nothing but let your luck play the role or let the ball decide your fortune. But considering the roulette odds you can definitely choose the French roulette and give yourself a fair chance to win.